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Starting Career in Corrections


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Male user screenwriter 1 post

Hello everyone, I am a writer who wants to do research on corrections officers. There is a section of my screenplay that takes place in a prison and I want it to be authentic. I am looking for people to interview or books about the life of a guard etc. My email is scrwriter@gmail.com. If any of you can steer me in the right direction please contact me. Thanks.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Have you looked in your local government web site? Have you inquired about the nearest Jail/Prison to you from your local Police? They will give you a good bit of info as regards local government employment contacts.

Male user royguard 1 post

I have one simple question to ask any C.O. how do I get started? I typed corrections in my address box and it took me here. I want to apply for a position, and possibly get started ASAP. please contact with any information that may help me start My career. thank you. You can contact me at the following addresses; djerekt@yahoo.com, or djerekt@tmo.blacberry.net thank you for your help.

Male user 1265 13 posts

Everything David Rivas is right. The stress is not what some make it out to be but depending on the situation the stress level can jump through the roof in a heart beat. Sharing or venting is key to de-stressing as long as it is done with respect for your friend, spouse or who ever is going to be listening to you. My wife has always let me talk it out, NOT TAKE IT OUT and when done forget it. As far as the prison culture spilling over, you will need a strong constitution and belief system in order to avoid the statistics. Personally I live by the teachings found in the Bible. The Word of God helps me to deal with the people in the jail and out. If your personality is that of a follower or a laydown you should consider another career. You have to have the ability to turn it up without anger or hesitation and just as quickly turn it back down. Take care and good luck with your career. VC

Male user Bill 3 posts

Go on line and get the # for Dr. Kevin Gillmartin in Az give him a call he has given classes all over the world on this topic.

Male user InCO 5 posts

I am graduating from CTI this week, and one of my instructors ( a 6 year veteran) mentioned forming “support groups” among fellow officers. I now I’m still pretty green, but after trying to pursue a law enforcement career for years, coming into DOC has been exciting. Among my class, we’ve already began to set up a support group. Officer Rivas is right on! Some departments have mentor programs already in place. Just remember your training and don’t let them intimidate you! Good luck!

Female user BladeRunner 1 post I have a question for the C.O. veterans out there. Since I have been thinking of a career in corrections and I wanted to know how CO's deal with stress and does the prison culture spill over in their family life? I have been reading some statistics that for some CO families their were problems with alcohol, domestic abuse, and so on.
Male user david rivas 1 post I have over 32 years in the field. The stress of the job is not quite what some make it. It helps if you share you daily experiences with others. Inmates for the most part will recognize your authority... be yourself. Inmates will know your new, don't pretend your not. Ask questions, find a mentor and someone you want to take after, but as stated earlier be yourself. If you tell an inmate you'll get back with them, do so. If you don't know, admit it... they respect that more than they do phoniness. Good luck! David Rivas

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