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Errors when connecting the built-in VPN in China.


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Male user kasamonline0... 1 post

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Male user Gustav 12 posts

I recommend downloading VPN for China to your computer and phone in advance. But if something went wrong you can do it from within the country via Wi-Fi of large hotels. Through alternative sites or through the APK on the phone.

Female user lita 5 posts

If you look at the essence of what a VPN is and how to use it better. You could say that. If for example to any person to establish VPN, he even will not notice and will not know that there costs at it VPN what that. Isn’t it? Now there are very few educated people who understand this at all.

Female user lita 5 posts


Male user Gustav 12 posts

There are a number of regular studies that analyze the conformity of various VPN services to the security of their use for users themselves. VPN encrypts the data before it leaves the device. And they remain encrypted until they reach the servers of the VPN topvpn.tw/what-is-vpn-and-why-you-need-it provider. This process is called tunneling. Reaching the server point, the traffic is usually decrypted and then in the general form it gets to the network. Tunneling is useful for using the Internet in public places. For example, if you access the Internet via Wi-Fi somewhere in a cafe when there is a risk of spying on your traffic. In addition, encryption is useful if traffic needs to be hidden from the Internet provider so that it does not see which sites you visit. So overall, the usefulness of a VPN should not be underestimated.

Female user Dessa 7 posts

How a VPN provides security is system dependent. Simple systems use basic tunneling protocols; more advanced systems can also use encryption and other protocols designed to increase security.

Female user lita 5 posts

Even when I could not think that the VPN can give out errors and that someone may have difficulties in connecting it, maybe it happens if you use some questionable VPN services or how? I have a VPN, I was able to install myself without even experiencing difficulties in this. Work perfectly.

Female user keka 6 posts

Errors when connecting the built-in VPN in China.
Let’s start, perhaps, with the most used free service Opera VPN, which allows you to change your IP and get access to any blocked resources, and with complete privacy.

Error # 1 " VPN temporarily unavailable»
It happens that the Internet connection after connecting the VPN IS not installed and a message appears — “the Opera VPN Application is temporarily unavailable”. If this is due to the prevention of Opera itself, you can use alternative options, such as the ZenMate VPN extension, or NordVPN services, until the end of the browser settings, Hide.me VPN, ExpressVPN, etc., especially since many of them provide a free trial for 1 month.

If no technical work is carried out in Opera, then you should look for the reason in the browser settings. First of all, in the “Security” section, you need to check whether the VPN connection is enabled and, if necessary, enable it.

VPN settings block in Opera
In Opera, you can use the built-in VPN for free and without a subscription, and you do not need to install additional extensions

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