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Elderly without funds, using prison to live, eat, receive health care…


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You are right about the politicians being greedy and uncaring, they always have been. But you can’t blame the people who voted for the other guy.You say “there should be homes for those that don’t have the funds” and they “should be funded by the gov.” To that I say are your taxes not high enough already? And you ask why there are so many in jail? It is NOT the lack of education and training! I suggest you work in a jail for a year or so. You will see that the jails are full of people that have rejected education and training and DO NOT WANT TO WORK!!!. Jails are the homes for these people. They DO NOT want education, training, discipline, religion, a job. They want to live a free and reckless life with no responsibilities for their actions. The shame is on society itself because society wants to be free and reckless to follow it’s base desires. Society screamed to get the Bible taken out of its public schools-societies law makers allowed it. Society wanted legalized abortions-your lawmakers allowed it. More recently society wants the Ten Commandments removed from public places-your lawmakers are working on it. You are right we need to make changes. The problem is too many people in the US want to take GOD out of “In God we Trust” and have adopted a “WHATEVER” attitude and quite simply dont give a damn. We will lose more than our rights my friend, We like Rome will fall because we got so big and thought so highly of ourselves that we pushed away the God that made this country the great country that it was. I say was because the school , crime, literacy, etc. statistics prove it! I don’t know who but someone really wise said: IF WE DON’T LEARN FROM HISTORY’S MISTAKES WE ARE BOUND TO REPEAT THEM. I submit to you sir that it is too late to sack the politicians because the U.S. is beginning to reap the consequences of turning away from its God and turning to paganism. 911 was a wake up call for the U.S. What’s next? I am not complaining. I am doing my part. I keep the jail doors locked. With all due respect what are you doing???

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