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Looking for info on Texas training academy


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Male user johnrodger 3 posts

Kind of scary that practicing with chemical agents, I’m more familiar with the military variety. That’s on my stuff to avoid if possible list, right up there with root canal work, and dropping heavy rocks on my toes. Seriously though Rookie, they wont do anything to cause the new recruits permanent harm, or make us run screaming for the nearest exit. The retention rate is already bad, they are not going to make it worse. The purpose of chemical agent training is to give the trainee a good enough taste to inspire confidence in the use of the product, and to experience the effect enough to be able maximize the advantage that the deployment of the agent gives the officer. I’ll be heading to the Connally Unit. Might want to stay away from the thug spray, can’t be good for your lungs, nasal passages, or eyes. In spite of what it says on the back of the can. If you feel a need to practice, practice breathing. At random intervals just stop breathing. If you find yourself in an environment with bad air for whatever reason you can still function. Anyway, just a few random thoughts, hope you don’t find them patronizing. j

Male user Rookie08 5 posts

Thats cool…I will be in the Dec. 4th class too, except at the Gatesville unit. I am definitely looking foward to the experience, and have been practicing with the chemical agents so I know what I am in for. It really suprised me that you can order the police grade tear gas online for about 14 dollars a can. Just out of curiousity what unit are you going to be at after training? I will be at Lynaugh. Its going to be a hell of a drive from home, and unfourtanately I cant find a place to live down there…the place is dead.. So if anyone reads this and knows of a rental available, let me know..Thanks for the response…

Male user johnrodger 3 posts

Hello rookie, I’m in the same boat Dec 4th class in Beeville. It sounds like it’ll be alot of fun. Of course fun is a relative term and dependent on your sense of humor. I’m expecting it to be somewhat like the military, hours and hours of mind numbing attentive boredom with welcome moments of adrenaline charged terror. LOL Keeps you feeling alive. I’ve also been wrong about what to expect so many times that I try to take it in moment by moment. I’ve worked with a lot of PD’s and agencies, and the men and women in law enforcement are usually great people doing a difficult job. I’m 51 with a family by the way and will be on 4 on 4 off also, I think that can work well with a family, better than 5 on 2 off. Looking forward to being the really old FNG. It should be a hoot.

Male user Rookie08 5 posts

I know this subject probably comes up alot, but I am going to be attending the Pre Svc. Trainiing Academy in the beginning of December, in Texas, and I was looking to get some idea of what is going to happen. I know I can do this job, and am excited about it, but on the other hand I am 26 with a family. So I guess another question to the post is “Is the job going to work with the family”. I will be at a facility where I will be working 4 on 4 off, so I am looking foward to the weekends. Anyway, I guess I am signing up for the unknown. Any posts would be helpful. Thanks.

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