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Help with interview please :)


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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

The best answer is the honest one. I was asked what I would do if there was a inmate cutting themselves and when I got close would threaten me with the weapon. What would you do? I replied I would call for medical and asked if there was a item to disable the inmate near me. The person doing the interview looked confused. I stated is there a chair or something like that. They said no. I stated, well then I am going to wait him out because I don’t know if he has AIDS and if he loses enough blood he will pass out. I somehow passed through even with a answer like that. Funny thing we had a inmate do that exact same thing. All we had to do was show him the can of pepper spray and let him know all those cuts on his body will make that stuff work EXTRA good and he tossed his razor to us and cuffed up quickly.

Female user karenheckyeah 3 posts

I had the interview…now am waiting to hear. It went well, but there is a person that works for the prison that I thought was no longer there that IS there that I have had problems with in the past…so I’ll just have to wait and see if I get it.

Jude.mag truecrimeauthor 3 posts

Another good question – answer situation: what would you do if… Best answer, “I will do what policy and procedure mandates.” This is a good ’trap" question to see what / how you react in emergencies, etc. If they repeat the question you repeat the answer. I was asked, “an inmate is going over fence 1 and you are on perimeter; would you shoot them?” They tried to get me to sway by asking it different" “Well, but would you use deadly force?” I got the job – and saw the Captain nodding in approval to others during the interview!

Female user karenheckyeah 3 posts

Thanks for the tips…I have been interviewed before at the same prison, but this time it’s a new Warden, so I’m hoping for better results.

Male user commander 277 posts

Most interviews for positions within Corrections Departments are common sense questions. They will ask you what you would do in certain situations. They sometimes ask if you would use deadly force. The best answer and most honest answer is, “If the situation warrants the use of deadly force, I will do so without hesitation.”

Female user karenheckyeah 3 posts

Hi! I am new here and I have an interview with the local prison for a corrections monitor position. I have my BS in criminal justice and am starting to work on my Master’s in cj in the fall. I should be able to handle this, but I don’t have any experience working with corrections and need some tips for acing the interview. Anyone have any suggestions?

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