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Feb 21, 2019
Male user serratedskier 2 posts

Topic: Everything Education / One Thing I Know

One Thing I Know is the first book by New Zealand author Kara Isaac I’ve read, and this sweet romance easily captured my heart. The wizard-behind-the-scenes premise is always a crowd-pleaser, and when done well (like this), it’s a winner.

Rachel Somers wrote the book on relationships, literally, as Dr. Donna Somerville—while her Aunt Donna serves as the face of the operation. But late-night radio star Lucas Grant is on the hunt for the truth about Dr. Donna, and he’s not above using his attraction to Rachel to get the story.

But truth is a funny, and often relative, thing. Of course the truth is important, but there’s no denying it occasionally benefits from being bent just a little bit. For Rachel, keeping up the ruse is necessary because the bestsellers pay for her father’s healthcare (and being in a coma for a decade is pricey). And if Lucas can get close to Rachel and unearth Dr. Donna’s secrets, he’ll get a contractual bonus. His family, like Rachel’s, also needs financial assistance. On the one hand, it’s a ruse for a ruse. But on the other, do the ends justify the means when two people so clearly love each other, yet let ego and self-righteousness keep them apart?

Isaac is a great storyteller with smooth pacing and believable character development. It’s easy to connect to Rachel, and the realness of her situation reaches through the page and grabs you by the heartstrings. Lucas is a little tougher because he is so driven by the anger he feels as a result of Rachel’s betrayal. It blinds him, and I kind of wanted Isaac to make him suffer just a little longer.

But One Thing I Know is, in the end, a lovely romance. Isaac is a real-life preacher’s wife, and she does a fine job of balancing the very human realities of emotion and love while developing a kisses-only romance that’s believable and intimate. Kudos to the Kiwi with the heart of gold!

Feb 21, 2019
Male user serratedskier 2 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / Controlling diabetes

Thank :D

Feb 21, 2019
Male user dealmecoupon 1 post

Topic: Letter of The Law / Coupon & Promo Codes - Deal Me Coupon

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Feb 21, 2019
Male user davidsmith 4 posts

Topic: Everything Education / Function of Education in Communal Accord?

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Feb 21, 2019
Female user jennabrooks 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / Function of Education in Communal Accord?

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Feb 19, 2019
Male user greenday999 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Want to live/work in USA

Great Info!

Feb 18, 2019
Male user stephensam 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / How do you write assignment?

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Feb 12, 2019
Female user Faith Hines 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / In Need Of A Dissertation Help From Professional Dissertation Writers?

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Feb 08, 2019
Female user EmmaGrace 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / In Need Of A Dissertation Help From Professional Dissertation Writers?

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Feb 07, 2019
Male user Mason 1 post

Topic: Tech Talk / Network Monitoring Software


Essentially we have changed over to a cloud based servers with an outsider organization and we are utilizing Citrix.
Presently it is exceptionally moderate inside Citrix yet outside it isn’t.
We are searching for a system screen apparatus that will enable me to check the measure of broadband/web use outside of Citrix.

Would you be able to help?

Jan 24, 2019
Female user nicki_robert554 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / College Degree

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Jan 18, 2019
Male user adamschule85 2 posts

Topic: Everything Education / Getting Connected


Jan 17, 2019
Female user TheresaArent 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Starting Career in Corrections

I was 35 when I started and will be 66 when I have my 30 in. This worked out perfect for the retirement requirements. I have more aches & pains, but intend to do the whole 30 before I retire.
Jan 17, 2019
Male user adamschule85 2 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / Is it possible to get braces for someone having periodontal disease?

I think it’s not advisable but you can consult your doctor first

Jan 14, 2019
Male user oliverfinn556 1 post

Topic: Tech Talk / relaunched in open source?

No not at all it’s still a decent forum to get information and help. I have learnt a lot here related to my work because i am doing web design in dubai for about 6 years and many times i have come here to get help.

Jan 12, 2019
Male user charliehars 1 post

Topic: Tech Talk / Best marketing brands in ca

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Jan 09, 2019
Male user billymark007 1 post

Topic: Security Central / New Software Released : officecom/setup

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Jan 07, 2019
Male user carylouder007 1 post

Topic: Letter of The Law / Hiring Males for Female Facilities

mmm well said

Dec 11, 2018
Male user prome4 1 post

Topic: Letter of The Law / Hiring Males for Female Facilities

I agree. Being a professional is really difficult. A high level of competence is always appreciated, and those who invent gender inequality, obviously, plays a strange game. We have a woman in the production Manager and you know, I do not complain, because she does her job efficiently. You can see the results yourself level indicator

Dec 05, 2018
Female user sophia johnson 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Want to live/work in USA

cool post

Dec 04, 2018
Male user Luciano 1 post

Topic: Health & Wellness / Hair loss problem

Friday is a pretty intense hike up Mt. Nevis (3,500 feet). I’m not sure of the actual distance, but I do know it involves lots of mud and ropes you use to pull yourself up. Should be an adventure. Sunday is the big Nevis to St. Kitts Channel Swim.

Here’s a picture I took of Mt. Nevis last time I visited

Nov 29, 2018
Female user agariogames3 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Want to live/work in USA

I really like your website and specially this post and that’s the reason I am commenting here

Nov 27, 2018
Male user shanjasper 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / How to Write Term Paper?

Do your research. It’s pointless to launch into writing before you’ve done the research. You need to understand the background to the topic and the current thinking, as well as finding out what future research is considered necessary in the area.

Nov 26, 2018
Male user Roberto Will... 1 post

Topic: A Broader View / TSA Pat Downs and X-ray Machines

I’ve seen too many inmates sneak drugs in by shoving them up their ass, in their hair, in their mouth, swallowing items…. A truly committed person won’t mind shoving a few pounds of explosives and a trigger device up their ass or swallow it. They’re going to die anyway! What would a terrorist care if they had to be uncomfortable for a few hours if it meant eternal pleasure and happiness in heaven as a martyr for their cause!

Nov 16, 2018
Female user Emma Kennedy 1 post

Topic: Tech Talk / Latest Designing Trends

Great post.

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