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Staff incentive ideas for quitting tobacco


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Female user Swartz 14 posts

Hi there,here in South Africa all of our correctional centres are bagless so no official may enter with a bag.All officials are searched upon entering to prevent smuggling of contraband.The centre where I am working at is a non smoking Centre since 2009,no offender or official are allowed with tobacco it is also not sold at our prison shop.Smoking in all goverment buildings is prohibited.There was a lot of resistance to the non smoking policy at first but all officials and offenders are now obliged to obey.

Srt misc 266 Striker 34 posts

Tell me about it…not only has the state lost money..corruption is at it’s all time high with staff bringing in tobacco and selling it for 5 to 10 times the price they paid for it…and talking about buget cuts when all the revenue could be used to help people keep there jobs..

Jumpyoufuckers OhiosThrough 8 posts

What a bright idea doing away with tobacco. Now the state is screaming that “Our tobacco tax revenues are way down!” No kidding sherlock! Tell 50 K prison inmates that they can’t buy tobacco products anymore – what do you rocket scientests expect? So let’s just slash a few thousand jobs so you fools can make your politically correct point……………….

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Yeah, Ohio DRC is stepping up and outlawing all tobacco products on state property. Obviously, tobacco is headed the way of the carrier pigeon. Seems if the brass really, really wanted to help us kick the habit (not only state employees, but everyone) they would use some of that tobacco settlement $$ for something other than a telephone hotline and commercials in the media. But that money has unfortunately gone for things not related to tobacco cessation, leaving it up to the individual to handle the addiction on his own.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

As of March 2009, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections is going tobacco free across the board as well. Their incentive for us is, if you don’t bring it in or get caught doing it on state grounds, they’ll let us keep our jobs. LOL

Male user chief6400 1 post

NC DOC has a few facilites tobacco free. I had chewed for 20 years and decided to quit last Nov. Our insurance provides some patch discounts, but I did not use them. How’s this for an incintive; I averaged $12.00 a week on chewing tobacco. Since quitting I have paid myself over $430.00. I am sure for the cigarette smokers the cost per week is much higher, and thus the cost savings greater. Was it easy, heck no, but I’m so thankful I’ve made it this far. Besides, I was not going to let the State dictate to me when I should quit, I beat them to the punch, an that is a self satisfying incintive all by itself.

Male user jmonta 43 posts

All of Michigan DOC will be tobacco free starting February 2009. There will be no smoking, no chew, no tobacco products for prisoners and staff. Does anyone have any suggestion for staff rewards and incentives? It could be anything, any price. We prefer low or no cost options, but any idea is important and could be a springboard to another thought. It could be anything you’ve seen at your agency or your own concept. I appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks so much,

Joe Bouchard, Michigan DOC (906) 353-7070 ext 1321

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