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Guidelines for Muslim women's head covering


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Female user rhiannaL 1 post

Actually I’ve been wondering why is it necessary for Muslim women to wear head cover all the time, I just find it uncomfortable but I guess that’s part of their culture already and we must respect that by all means. Anyway I just wanted to share with you that just recently Arizona prisons are in news reports once again, this time as a result of the actions of the legislature. Jail visits are the brand new type of an ATM, as reported by the legislature. The new $25 prison visit fee in Arizona will be going to the basic fund, unless an advocacy group case progresses. Article resource: $25 prison visit fee in Arizona leads to lawsuit

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

The requirements are whatever your department’s policy says it is. If you follow policy the lawsuit will be directed towards your department and not you. If your department doesn’t have a policy on the matter let them wear whatever they want until something’s put in writing.

Female user LadyArkin 9 posts

It’s my understanding that they shouldn’t be given a hajib until or unless they are going to services. Muslim men are only allowed to wear thier head covering at services. Makes sense to me.

As per Islamic requirements that women cover thier heads. This is not an absolute religious requirement. Circumsision would be an example of an absolute religious requirement; there is no such thing as an uncircumscised jewish man. But, there is such a thing as a muslim women with uncovered hair. The hajib is a sign of modesty. It is usually in countries controlled by religious law that it becomes against the law for a woman to go out of their homes with thier hair, or hair and faces showing. Most muslim countries which aren’t ruled by religious clerics will often allow women to make up their own minds as to whether or not they want to wear a hajib.

Also, it is an interesting fact that there are Jewish and Christian women who will also wear a hajib as a sign of modesty. This is not an absolute muslim practice. However, it is my own biased opinion that when a person winds has broken thier covenant with society we as officers don’t need to bend over backwards to accomodate; we carry standing orders to allow our inmates to practice thier faith, beyond that we don’t need to risk any security measures for the sake of another culture’s norm. Covering the face or head is such a potential breech of security.

As officers we all know that there are devout religious people in the system who would wear a hajib for the sake of thier faith. Then there are the other people who would use it to do something that the God of Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Muhammad, and Jesus would greatly disaprove of.

Male user jmonta 43 posts

Need some help on finding information about requirements for Muslim women and their traditional head covering when incarcerated.

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