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Isr DT Instructor 108 posts

Oh yea shakeyjake I wouldn’t say your posts were expertly written at all…….. haha

Isr DT Instructor 108 posts

Well I had to vent a bit here. Like I said in the original post if it doesn’t pertain to you then water off a duck’s back….

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

Woo, I thought DT was pointing me out, until I got to the part about “expertly written posts and such a vast wealth of knowledge” That’s not me at all; I’ll just stick to replying to post in a lighthearted manner and express my cavalier attitude about life in Corrections.

Male user RCJ 49 posts

I agree with both posts, (Campi and DT Instructor). It pisses me off to see these wannabe f***up’s ,f***up and move up, but that’s the nature of the game. Campi states that the good out ways the bad and I do agree with that, DT Instructor, I hear where you are coming from. Don’t talk the talk unless you’ve got your hands dirty. Unfortunately thats what it boils down to in my opinion.

P.S. Great topic

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well you have a point. No one is perfect myself included. I screw up daily and back when they were mandating like crazy I was standing up on shift so when I started to nod off my legs would start to give out and wake me back up. There are many good people who do the best they can and on the flip side there are dirty staff who smuggle in dope to inmates. Then there is the grey area people who don’t do their job and sleep on post or even just sit on post doing nothing at all literally and hold a chair down for an 8 hour period. Sadly these people stay in a job until something bad happens like that lady who was sleeping with ear buds in and hadn’t done rounds in 2 hours when an inmate hung himself. Would that inmate hung himself eventually I would bet yes. But if you’re doing staggered rounds and doing them within half an hour at least your legally covered and not losing your job and house.
The sad truth is this job is like any other and it comes down to work ethics and self pride. Too bad the job requirements are not just pass a piss test. They can hardly keep prisons staffed now with the basic standards and testing required now for the pay. Private Prisons are in a much sadder shape. A friend at a private prison said that the value of drugs in that prison is only slightly higher than street value because the supplies are so high. We have hired people from private prisons that were highly regarded there who ended up being fired/quitting and going back because they could not hold themselves to the standards of a state facility. Correctional staff are asked to hold themselves to higher standards then Joe public and are only compensated if they make it to retirement. So you will have people who are here and make the prison system look bad but there are just as many if not more that pull their slack every day to keep the prison going.

Isr DT Instructor 108 posts

All this wisdom from certain CO’s on here….. tell me one thing tho, how are you such an expert at all things corrections if you can’t stay awake on post? It may be that you’re up all night watching documetaries or researching corrections….. I mean expertly written posts and such a vast wealth of knowledge, BUT never touched an inmate beyond putting on cuffs AFTER the fact and or dispersing O.C. during a fight…. YET can’t stay awake for your shift….. hmmmmmm.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”

If this post doesn’t pertain to you then disregard. I can only take so much hypocrisy.

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