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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well I don’t know. I have been at this for a while. I came in I was hazed/harassed by not only the inmate but also the staff and supervisors. Now after being here 11 years I know why. They are trying to pick off the weaker people before they get themselves or others hurt. The staff at my institution are like family. We fight, bicker, call each other names, and even throw toothpaste at each other. Kinda sounds like children at play. I know the guy who just smeared toothpaste on the receiver of my phone and called me to scream " Gotcha!" . He will be the guy laughing his ass off with me later when I super spice his hot wings that day. This will be the same guy who when we lose an officer to an accident will give $50 to the fund we all start and will be there for that officers family and kids long after he passed. This guy will be the same one who stands back to back with you while there is a 40 man fight and all you have is a can of O.C. and a radio calling for help. We are a screwed up family but that’s the thing we are FAMILY.

Male user dwwwking 1 post

Some thoughts prompted by this thread and 25 years in correctional environments:
1) Sometimes people who are very good at their jobs get bullied because someone dumber than them gets promoted to be their boss.
2) Some people seem to think that you can’t “really” know how to set a broken arm unless you’ve had a broken arm…..
3) Some people like to use euphemisms to rationalized their behavior — “cleansing” for genocide, “IPC” for being a jerk “because the environment makes me that way,” etc.
4) There are, in fact, many people working in corrections who shouldn’t be there. Due to the rotten working conditions (which includes bullies, staff and inmate) and the crummy pay, almost any Body will do to fill a slot these days. Anyone who has a great REALISTIC idea of how to solve this problem needs to be working proactively with correctional administrators to fix that problem — not taking it out on the poor 63-year old dork who messes up count every day but who needed a job and didn’t know what he/she was getting into.

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

Sorry for not knowing you have a Correctional background (you left that little bit out on your post). When I saw the topic “Dissertation Research” I assumed that it was from another student getting on line here to obtain second hand knowledge to further their education instead of doing it the hard way and seeing it for themselves. Now that it’s clear you work in this field, I will man up and say my last post was uncalled for, I was being factious in my reply. I for one am happy with anyone trying to better themselves in the Correctional field.

Female user Beth A. 3 posts

I want to inform you that I am not on the “outside looking in”. I have worked in every aspect of corrections for 14, almost 15 years. I currently work in a Maximum Security Unit, so I have “walked a few miles in your shoes” and know the environment we work in. I also would suggest you look into this topic as there is a difference between IPC, as you put it, and being abusive towards others. Thanks for your comments.

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

In this job we don’t call it bullying it’s called a IPC (Inter Personal Communications) and it’s what’s to be expected, You’ll get it from Inmates who don’t like you or staff that use it to shame you for doing stupid crap, it’s not pretty but it is what it is. In this job you have to pull you big boy or big girl pants up and drive on, no room for pansy’s here. I for one am tired of the pacification of individuals who obtain a job that does not fit their physical, mental, or even social makeup. Some people are not meant to be Correctional Officers, Some are just meant to be Ditch Diggers and others Doctors. Society’s demand that we have to fit a square peg into a round hole no matter what the consequences has weakened us. If a person cannot physically or emotionally do the job he/she wishes to do, they should not be able to obtain it no matter how much they cry to mommy about it. Another thing that bothers me is having people who are on the outside looking in, thinking that they can just ask a few questions and have the answers to make a policy toward a better working environment. How about you get a job as a Correctional Officer first, walk a few miles in our shoes, then you may ask a few of your questions and your two cents worth of knowledge may even be worthy of a few replies. We are not ogres in this field but using a little IPC skills may be necessary for someone, so that safety and security which are our top priorities in this job can be maintained. If not we will have Inmates escaping though tunnels and hiding in the woods.

Female user Beth A. 3 posts

My name is Beth Anne Stearns and I am a student at Capella University working on a Doctor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology degree. I am conducting a research study called Aspects of Workplace Bullying in Correctional Environments. The purpose of this study is to explore aspects of workplace bullying that employees experience while working in correctional organizations; to understand how employees describe their experiences with workplace bullying; to understand the impact of bullying on emotional health and job satisfaction; identify aspects of the work environment that may contribute to staff bullying; and to indicate a need for organizational policies to be developed that protect employees. Workplace Bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more employee(s) by one or more individual(s) of an organization. It is abusive conduct that is threatening, humiliating, and intimidating. Workplace bullying can involve either work interference or sabotage which prevents work from getting done, or verbal abuse. Workplace bullying is characterized by such factors as repetition, duration, escalation, and attributed intent

Your participation will involve being interviewed and responding to 12 questions. Your involvement will last approximately one hour. Your participation in this study is voluntary. If you choose not to participate or to withdraw from the study at any time, you can do so without penalty or loss of benefit to yourself. The results of the research study may be published but your identity will remain confidential and your name will not be disclosed to any outside party.

If you are currently employed or were previously employed with a correctional organization, you have been a victim of workplace bullying, you have been out of the bullying situation for at least a year, and are interested in participating in this study or have any questions concerning the research study, please call me at 719-650-7099 or email me at stearns.beth@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Beth Anne Stearns

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