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Pay tables


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Male user cooler king 6 posts

In Texas we are on a pay scale, every 3 to 6 months you get an automatic raise. But also the legislature can give us a pay increase as well or they can change the payscale.

12517963451487469754us department of justice seal svg hi CHZBURGR 29 posts

Betty Jo:
Hopefully your legislature will find out the same thing ours did when they threatened to take our pay last year. They Couldn’t do it. Supposedly somewhere in the state constitution were protected. Instead they are making as take 72 hours of leave w/o pay. Thats for parole officers. The CO’s got lucky they only have to take 28 hours.

I feel your pain. Well I will. My spouse is a CO and I am a PO. Fortunately for me I am in the Idaho National Guard so I will take my Leave W/O pay while doing my annual training next summer.

Flag shakey 191 posts

Yeah, we lost 3.076 hrs. per pay untill june 2011. and since my wife also works with me that’s approx. $125.00 per pay or $3250.00 less per year we lost. Now they found out the state didn’t pay the right amount into the Heath insurance thingy, we have to make that up also, our share about $3,50 per pay not much but hey another $91.00 makes it $3341.00 a year. Then we have to deal with screw ups from payroll all the time because of them cutting us down to one clerk, we have about 36 staff who were shorted anywhere for a few hours to 5 days this pay period alone. Try telling HSBC that your payroll clerk messed and can’t pay the mortgage untill they fix it and see how that gets ya.

But as the old man said in the movie Cross Roads, " Times is hard"

Female user BettyJo 1 post

Arizona state employees are at the mercy of the legislature. We have been warned to expect a 5% pay cut on the next fiscal year (2010) because of the negative state budget.

Flag shakey 191 posts

Ohio is mainly auto, they started a evaluation system, where if you do good on your yearly eval you get to go up to the next step. Haven’t seen anyone not go up but thats only at our Institution.

12517963451487469754us department of justice seal svg hi CHZBURGR 29 posts

How many DOC’s out there are on an automatic pay increase and how many are like us in Idaho at the mercy of the legislature every year?

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