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Pay for experience


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100 5886 Sarge276 45 posts

I was a corporal in another state with 1 1/2 years experience when I came here. They didn’t recognize the academy training I had so I had to take theirs. They didn’t recognize the rank I had so I started out at the bottom again. Any time I would try to give them fresh ideas on procedures by suggesting things we did at my former facility all I heard was, “Well this ain’t (that place).” However, because I had prior experience it only took 6 months to get back to Cpl. rather than 18 months and I made Sgt. the first time up. Some of their “good ol’ boys” that have been here their whole career have gone up for it 5 times and are still corporals. So there’s good and bad both ways I guess.

Female user jmh07072 1 post

As a probation and parole agent in a government job we see this all the time with our department of corrections, both field services as well as in the institutions. In our department you are not paid for education nor experience. Everyone is paid the same and those who have been here longer get paid way more due to department wide raises. The disheartening thing for some of us is that many of the employees in our office who have been here for 10+ years are not good employees. They do the bare minimum to meet standards and those of us with more education, experience and work ethic who go above and beyond in our jobs get paid less.

Male user free40yess 1 post

I am really pleased that I have made the right choice to get my education, however I am seeking employment in this particular field. Your blog has given me great hope in regard to my career change, however this topic is really dishearting to say the lease. I hope that your future endeavers would bring you a postive outlook concerning your field of choice. Can you show me some insight on this career choice, while pointing out the roads that may not be favorable to career? Thank you for your experience and understanding on this particular matter keep in touch later! Education is really important to me,,that is way I am going to law school next! P.S you are not off base!

Dennis 2 dfetzer 3 posts

I’ve seen the same thing in many cases but there have been exceptions. Right or wrong education can carry the day. My first warden went from a Sergeant to Deputy Superintendent in one jump and a state DOC facility because he completed his bachelors degree. Private prison systems appear to recognize experience than the government systems. I think to change this practice it will take years and for a lot managers to retire.

Male user Sgt_Davo 4 posts

So I am sitting here looking at the job postings for the corrections field. By and large most or all of us have come across our correctional education on the job day in and day out. No matter how many degree’s you have or what you have your degree in, it cannot teach you how to be a correctional profession, it cannot teach you how to deal with the offender, or to use your tongue wisely or effectively in getting the offenders/convicts/inmates to comply with your directives or rules.

Now you may be wondering where I am going with this? Well here it is, we as a correctional professional do not ourselves recognize the experience and training that we all have earned on the job. I am seeking new horizons with different correctional agencies and they all want to start me at the bottom of the pay scale like a nube off of the street. I was accepted with the FBofP but they wanted to start me as a GS5, this is after 14 years as correctional professional and ten of those years as a correctional supervisor. I could not take the 15 thousand year drop in pay. So I had to turn them down, I then looked elsewhere to other agencies and other states and it is the same thing where ever I go.

We are our own worst enemy in this regards. Like other professions we should pay depending on qualifications not time in that particular agency. What do you all think, sound off, tell me if I am off base or if you have had similar experiences.

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