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Male user 421Chris 9 posts

I received an email today about an interview for 05/29/13 at the Toledo Correction facility. I’ve been waiting for this for a few months but I also received a job offer in lincoln nebraska as a mental health security officer. It’s a place where the court orders people to orders people to go instead of prison (insanity verdict).

Is it a guarantee after the interview or am I going to have to wait for another coup mom th months. What is the process after the interview?

Is Toledo a good place to raise a family compared to lincoln nebraska?
Is the Toledo Correctional Facility a good facility to work for?
As someone currently working as a CO which two jobs would you take?

Male user thisotherguy... 1 post

I did my assesment test for ODR&C in January of 2011, had my interview in September 2011 and then finally got hired in Febuary 2012. Mind you however I only selected two instituations to work at as I grew up in a corrections community with a single mother who has been a corrections officer since 1987 so went in knowing lot but learned way more on the job first had. It takes time so might be a while. I had given up at first because I didn’t hear anything for almost a year before the assesment then out of nowhere got a call. Just keep your head up

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Took me a year and a half. It takes time

Male user 421Chris 9 posts

I passed the assessment on 03/13/2013. I still have not heard anything back from my background. I know it’s only been a month but I need this job.

Male user 421Chris 9 posts

I would love a small farm town that is not too far from a big town or city.

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

No worries. far as family friendly areas go I’m from the southern part of the state and its mostly small farm towns. Then bigger cities are well, just like most other bigger cities. But thats 98% of Ohio is one or the other, not much in between.

Male user 421Chris 9 posts

That’s good to hear! Thanks Assassin.

I will be relocating from Las Vegas if hired. I do not know much about Ohio. I do have a family and would want a area that is family friendly. But like you said after probation I could put a transfer request. Awesome news!!! Thanks

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Hmmm.. the process has changed a decent amount since I hired in. The good thing about Ohio DR&C is once you get your probationary year in you can transfer to another institution if your not happy where your at. This is what I did because I got tired of having a commute of over an hour each way. Good luck.

Female user nreyn3 4 posts

Its no problem. Academy is in Orient, Ohio just outside of Columbus and yes they allow you to stay there and feed you, only drawback is it’s state food!

Male user 421Chris 9 posts

Once hired I would have to go to the academy in columbus ohio, right? I also heard they pay room and food during the academy. I just got back from Columbus where I had to take the assessment. I figured I could fly out for the academy and save money while my daughter finishes school in nevada. By that time my family would be ready to move out with me. It seems crazy but me and my wife have wanted to move out of Nevada. I was born end raised there and want a change.

I am pretty good in interviews and have been interviewed by panels before but if they don’t hire me I would of wasted lots of money. I had to take the gamble when I flew out there for the assessment. The move paid off but I guess I have one more hurdle in the interview. Believe it or not there where people who failed the assessment.

Again thank you so much for your info.

Female user nreyn3 4 posts

It would depend on what facitlity ends up hiring you. Some of the facilities are in larger cities so the cost of living is more, and the pay is the same statewide. The pay freeze was lifted last July so those pay raises have been nice. As for the interview, I was interviewed by a panel of people, that included the major, a captain, someone from the personel department, and a unit manager. They were all friendly and helpful, and all thought I was crazy for moving 3 hours, but still gave me some information about the area. Since your moving so far I would be sure to ask if they can work with you in terms of moving, the facility I went to was able to work with me since I had to give a two week notice and find an apartment. I heard back from them a week later, was offered a job, and given a start date contingent upon a urinalysis.

Male user 421Chris 9 posts

Thanks nryen!! What can I expect at the interview? It seems that within a month I should hear something. This is a big move for me and my family. We would be moving from Las Vegas to Ohio. Is the pay good compared to cost of living?

Female user nreyn3 4 posts

In Aug. 2010 I applied statewide, tested in October,was hired in November, and started in December. I just relocated once I got the offer, and haven’t had any issues. Best of luck!

Male user 421Chris 9 posts

Never mind you answered my first question within a month. I also made a mistake on my assessment date it was on 03/13/2013

Male user 421Chris 9 posts

Thanks for the reply!!! Did you only put the prisons that were close to you on your application? I will be moving from out of state (I do not currently live in Ohio) so I put every prison down on my application. Don’t know if this will speed up the process or not. I sure hope so because I need this job.

How are the staffing levels in general in the prisons in Ohio? I read an article on the Internet that a CO got killed and it was blamed on staffing levels. It went as far as a billboard being put up stating the prisons need more staff.

Is the pay good compared to the cost of living in Ohio?
Why do you think they are not completing background checks prior to interview?

Thanks again for your valuable input. I am excited for the opportunity and cant wait to get that call. I worked very hard for this opportunity including 4 years of college for criminal justice.

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Took close to 6 months for me to get to an institution near me after passing my testing. They offered me a position over 2 hours drive away within a month. As for prisons the thing you want to look at is the security levels. The higher the security levels the more issues you’ll have with the inmates. As for issues with staff it’s all politics. Think a cut throat office setting where instead of cubicles and you’re dealing with cells. The biggest thing to remember is that the inmates are not your friends so give them nothing more then what is dictated in policy and procedures. Do not bring anything in for them or out for them and if you do not know the answer tell them no until you find out. The biggest thing is remember your in a hostile environment so watch your back as well as your fellow staffs back.

Male user 421Chris 9 posts

Hello everybody,

I am new to this forum. Just wanted to see if there is anybody currently working with Ohio DRC or has applied.
I just passed the assessment on 03/13/2012. My background investigation is pending. I wanted to know the estimated time frame this takes. I do know the hiring process has changed quite a bit in the last couple years. In fact, during my assessment they told me that they don’t even wait to complete the background investigation prior to starting. But that if they find a disqualifier you will be let go.

I signed up for every institution in Ohio. Is there better ones to work at than others?

Just want to know other people’s opinions and suggestions.

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