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Nov 29, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: The Club House / help a marine out

Did 4 years myself.. Worked for the state DOC for 3 years. Just got hired by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I would definately recomment BOP. Your active duty time counts towards your retirement.

Nov 09, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: A Broader View / Federal Bureau of Prisons

I have been involved in law enforcement and corrections for the past 9 years. I have recently applied for the FBOP. Anyone out there work for the Bureau or have? Looking for some further insight on the way they run, and how they are to work for.

Sep 12, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: The Club House / Corrections or Law Enforcement

Well sobie01 I will put it to you like this. I have worked both sides. I thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Unfortunately I side with going to the L.E. side of it. I am still actively a C.O. but it is strictly because the area that I am in it pays better. Being a C.O. takes a lot more out of you then being a street cop. Corrections is not a rewarding career by any means. At least on the street you get the occasional thank you and or a handshake. Been in the corrections side of the house for 3 years now and the closest I’ve gotten to that is punched in the mouth. Besides finding and arresting someone committing a felony is far much more fun and exciting, then being locked inside 2 razor wire fences with 2500 convicted felons. The choice is your buddy, and good luck. Feel free to contact me.

Sep 06, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: A Broader View / prison-sanctioned tatoo program for inmates? Good or bad?

NO. It will just lead to the inmates doing unauthorized tattoos for cheaper then what the authorized ones are. Tattoos in prison are money and they aren’t going to lose it. And you won’t be able to determine which is which. Then there is the fact that when one of them contact MRSA or an STD (not even related to the tattoo) but have had a tatoo approved by the state then the lawsuits begin. And for us C.O.’s you know that means someone is losing a job and it won’t be administration personnel.

Jul 30, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / Should HIV testing be mandatory at intake?


Jul 25, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: The Club House / Do you belong to a Union?

State of Ohio C.O.’s belong to the OCSEA (Ohio Civil Service Employees Association). It all depends on the chapter at the institution how good or bad it is. Some C.O.’s love it, and many hate it. Take it for what it is. I don’t have a problem with our union, because if something is wrong we do have the ability to grieve it. And 9 times out of 10 if it is wrong it is fixed to our benefit. But if you get the right people in charge it can be a whole lot better or a whole lot worse. It all depends if the union leadership is pro management or pro C.O.

Jul 11, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / Should ex-offenders be allowed to vote?

I do think they should be allowed to vote upon release. It is a constitutional right. They do not vote during their time incarcerated, and that is what our elected officials determined to be their fate. However I do not think they should be allowed to actively aid in a campaign for another, or hold a public office themselves. Politics is crooked enough with out having a crook run for office.

Jun 27, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: The Club House / If corrections had a slogan what would it be?

Corrections the Judicial systems revolving door.

Jun 19, 2007
Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Topic: Security Central / Placing inmates in a kneeling position

Safety first. Your main objective is to go home every night. If you feel more comfortable placing them on their knees then go for it. It does give you more reaction time if they were to try something. I don’t understand why they are giving you a hard time over it. If it is part of your defensive tactics protocol then I would keep using it. If the inmate is disruptive, it is warranted force. I personnally would tell the Captain if he is in a supervisory position he should know that it is in the protocol.

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