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Sep 02, 2009
Male user Hoffstyle 2 posts

Topic: The Club House / Where in the world are you

I work in Kansas. I have been in Corrections since about 1995.

Sep 02, 2009
Male user Hoffstyle 2 posts

Topic: The Club House / Just starting out

Never tell an inmate your 1st name. When they ask, say “Sir or Officer”

Do not tell them where you used to work, or any information about your personal life. If they ask if you are married or whatever, politely explain to them that your business is not a matter of discussion and end the conversation.

Very Important!! If an inmate spends longer than 30 seconds talking to you, something is going on. End the conversation, especially in a living unit. Start doing rounds IMMEDIATELY.

Never conduct rounds in the same manner. Mix it up. Turn your radio down and use key holders so they do not hear keys.

I will repeat the information on desks thing: They read upside down really well.

Never demean, ridicule, or disrespect an inmate. ALWAYS say no, being overridden is better than having a Supervisor make you take back your word. Stay out of the investigators office if you can avoid it. Keep your grievances to a minimum if you can. If you get a mess of them at one time, there is a reason for it. Do everything you can to avoid it. Don’t be a puss about being Firm Fair and Consistent. FF&C will save your butt every time.

Inmates know the rules better than you. Learn the inmate rulebook paragraph by paragraph.

But the most important advise I can give a new officer is this: If the hair on the back of your kneck stands up, or you have a “funny feeling” something is not right or things are out of place they probably are. DO NOT look distressed, just start keeping an active eye out. There are times when your loud pod will get suddenly quiet or inmates start requesting housing unit changes in masse and things like that. Those are overt warning signs. But if your internal radar goes off, learn to listen to it. Eventually it will fine tune itself.

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