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Women Working With Male Inmates


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Male user Canusxiii 116 posts

Good luck….seing a lot of females…Tought ,can handle any situation…the rest drama queens….Is up to administration to set the rules…..she might be overweight or not the prettiest….is about doing the job..

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well sadly there will always be people who bring in things for inmates and sleep with them both male and female. The big thing is to make sure that the admin knows that you are not one of them and if they treat you as such without cause well you tell convicted killers what to do every day so I am sure you can tell your bosses to remove their heads from their asses as well.

Female user nreyn3 4 posts

I haven’t had any problems regarding management when it came to doing my job. There have been countless times I have had to go in the showers or bathrooms at the last facility I was at housed level 1 and 2 inmates – dorm style. If I was doing a round I always checked those areas since the inmates never thought I would, andI was able to catch em doing alot of .. well the normal things inmates do when they think no one is looking :) I’m currently at a level 3 pod style facility, and as long as it’s in my job duties I haven’t had any issues when it came to their so called “privacy”. I haven’t done a strip search, but being on constant watch or just making rounds you eventually end up seeing things you would rather not and just have to handle them accordingly. I think alot of the problems management ends up having with female staff (at least in my experience) comes from the few that shouldn’t have been hired in the first place, let alone having been allowed to complete probation with their questionable activities. Both facilities I’ve worked at were different in how they regarded female staff in posting us. The lower security level allowed me to work the yard occasionally, but typically I would have to pick it on overtime, as I was normally trapped in visiting. The higher security level definitely treats me as a much more capable indiviual. Best of luck to you!

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Inmates have no right to privacy. When they are incarcerated they can be searched at any time for any reason so long as it is not harassment. The simple way to show that it is not harassment is to search tem all. We have simple rules here a female must announce herself before entering the shower/restroom areas and unless it is a critical incident she cannot strip. But she can have a male officer do a strip for her if she believes the inmate is carrying contraband. I have done many strips for female officers and found contraband.

Flag shakey 191 posts

A woman who has set her goals to be as equal to a man, has not set her goals very high.

We in Ohio have some jobs that are gender specific, like when there is to be strip searching of inmates, they can’t unless it’s for serious security reasons only.

Female user trnsptgrl 2 posts

I know that there is only one job description…it’s an officer’s job description. I am not having any problems with the male inmates it’s management that seems to think that a female officer can’t do certain things that a male officer can because of the inmate’s right to privacy and that management has to cover their ass and do what’s best for operational needs. I have gone to my union about this issue but I feel that they may not help me on this. I have been doing this job for over 15 yrs and just want fair is fair.

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well first off the reason that there is a reason there is only one job description. Equal rights. You are expected to carry out the job duties of a corrections officer and perform same gender strip searches just like your male counterparts. Besides strip searches sex does not have bearing on your job duties. As for sexual harassment there are many laws in place to discipline and even hold people financially/criminally accountable for their actions. You will be hard pressed to find any filed lawsuits because those issues are usually handled behind closed doors and settled on because if it can go to trial at all it probably will be in favor of the defendant. This only covers staff on staff though. As for inmates they will be given discipline in the correctional setting for inappropriate comments and any contact. Let’s be honest if you could sue an inmate for making sexual comments and get paid for them then every woman would do a year as a corrections officer and retire to a beach somewhere for the rest of her life.

Female user trnsptgrl 2 posts

I’m trying to find out if there are any cases out there in Oregon where a female staff that works with male inmates and management had gender discrimination against the staff. Has anyone filed a lawsuit? I mean there isn’t a female and male job description there is just one job description

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