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Inmates NOT feeling the RECESSION


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Male user Milahamilton 1 post

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Male user GalaxyDude 7 posts

Why don’t we figure out a way to make prisoners work 60 hours per week?

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

For us Sheriff Joe Apaio is a hero. He knows how to manage the finances of His prisons. What’s it cost him to feed an inmate now 35c a day? No expense spared LOL.

100 5886 Sarge276 45 posts

My facility just spent a butt load on new cameras (nothing wrong with the old ones), bought a new metal detector for central control (to be used on uniform staff, non-uniform doesn’t even get shook down most of the time), and new state vehicles. The state recently “found” $350 million, but for some reason we’re still getting furloughed.

Svt FordSVT 60 posts

How many of you are Unionized?
We are and they do a decent job for us.

Male user OCCD 57 posts

True. Just look at Special Management! Lots of time and energy expended resolving the same old recurring problems. No real solutions.

Male user CO5182 1 post

Since the recession started, the department in which I am employed has cut tons from the budget. It’s strange that they tell us they have no money but recently remodeled AN INMATE recreation yard, bought brand new (20"+) rims for the SRT truck, cut the Detention Service Officer’s number of working hours, recently demolished the old booking facility and plans to rebuild a high rise FOR INMATES, recently purchased all black uniforms for the line staff, changed their minds and shortly after that purchased green BDU uniform for the line staff, they are considering purchasing flat-screen televisions for the inmates and recently purchased digital converters, bought brand new communication radios (from what I hear are $2,500 each,) recently purchased new yellow suits and boots for trustees, ELIMINATED the shake-down team, purchased new ($100.00) flash lights for all night shift employees, are NOT giving us a raise this year and…As if all that was not enough, I have heard they are looking at going to minimum staffing which means less officers on the floor. One Captain told me “the inmates today are a lot more irrational than they were when I was on the floor.” If this is true, why would you constantly cut our safety and security? What happened to all of us sticking together? Seems the administration is out for self-merit. I guess EVERYTHING is political. The sheriff (who runs the sheriff’s department and not this county’s corrections department) recently gave a presentation to county commissioners and after that presentation, it is beleived that the sheriff’s department budget will NOT BE CUT THIS YEAR. By the way, the website is www.Bestjail.com

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