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What to Expect??? O_O


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Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Sorry Shakey, allow me to fix that oversight. “Shakey Jakes HOTSAUCE! Makes your sphincter burn…. But in a good way.”

Alright then, back to business at hand. Why someone felt the need to direct this directly at me is unknown but my guess says it’s probably one of the thug huggers I disagreed with elsewhere. Yes provoking someone in a manner that limits responsibility is indeed “pansy” yet ironic as it is inmates use the same tactics. I choose to greet this kind of childish outbursts with my own brand of sarcasm. Much like the motormouth inmate safely in his cell I view this as free entertainment.

I do appologize to the OP of this thread, it’s not helpful to ask for assistance only to have your post hijacked by a troll. However this can be yet another lesson for those new to corrections. Never get so bogged down you forget how to have any kind of fun. At the right time of course.

Flag shakey 191 posts

Hey Chunky Monkey

In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary I found this.

Definition of PANSY
1: a garden plant (Viola wittrockiana) derived chiefly from the hybridization of the European Johnny-jump-up (Viola tricolor) with other wild violets; also: its flower
2: a: usually disparaging: a weak or effeminate man or boy
B: usually disparaging: a male homosexual

And as for chunky monkey, well I couldn’t find anything but it does point to an Ice cream flavor, so here.

Definition of ICE CREAM
: A sweet flavored frozen food containing cream or butterfat and usually eggs.

It may not mean too much but it also rhymes with: abeam, agleam, airstream, berseem, beseem, bireme, blaspheme, bloodstream, centime, coal seam, cold cream, crossbeam, daydream, downstream.

So there.

The next time you think about talking (texting) smack remember I’ll be watching you.

Flag shakey 191 posts

WHAT! no recognition, praise or accolades, how am I supposed to market myself and my HOTSAUCE. I think I’m a pretty good C/O and all but in a situation after it’s all finished, you got to ham up a bit. Plus it make the adrenalin rush abate easier.

Isr DT Instructor 108 posts

Honestly tho, who gets on here just to take a shot at another individual via the internet!?!?! That would also fall into the definition of “pansy” in my book.

This mostly anonymous forum is for those of us in corrections to communicate with one another and for a bit of peer support. Some that are not in the career field or the ones that are true believers in “REHABILITATION” will not ever understand what most of us converse about on here.

What I do know is when those poor souls that are just trying to change and better themselves, but unfortunately caught a case, go into a murderous rage and\or riot I will be the one going in to handle it and regain control. I will be the one that willingly places myself in danger to help my brothers and sisters that need me. I do not crave or desire recognition, praise or accolades for this I will do it because it needs to be done and I’m trained and prepared for it.

I have been off here for awhile and this is a response for a few different threads, but I didn’t feel like posting on all of them. The lazy CO coming out I suppose…… it is what it is.

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts


Something else of interest. Today is officially “Penguin Awareness Day”. Why we need to be aware of penguins I’m not exactly sure. Not like I see penguins on the side of the road at random. But if it has it’s own holiday then it must be important. Just like “National Sausage Pizza Day”.

Male user Scrapper1 1 post


Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Hmmm… I’m guessing that was ment to be “pansy” and not “panzie”. If my assumption is correct allow me to assist to clarify the situation.

Definition of PANSY
1: a garden plant (Viola wittrockiana) derived chiefly from the hybridization of the European Johnny-jump-up (Viola tricolor) with other wild violets; also : its flower
2a usually disparaging : a weak or effeminate man or boy b usually disparaging : a male homosexual

I could take this one of several ways…
Option #1, They think that I’m pretty and smell nice.
Option #2, They Think I was transplanted from Europe. (This is somewhat true scince my family immigrated from Ireland, but that was before my time)
Option #3, They have a creepy stalker type crush on me and this is some sort of sexual advance.

So in response. DEAR Chunkey Monkey, in the case of option #1, Thank you, I’ve recently switched to a new brand of soap and I find it to be quite pleasantly scented as well.
Option #2, Thank you for taking the time to inquire about the history of Irish immigrants in America. We have a rich and proud history.
Option #3, While I thank you for the flattering choice by you to stalk me and make creepy advances I regret to inform you that I do not return the same feelings. While judging by your generic avatar you have the wrong genitalia for the current situation. Furthermore while my overall standards I deem acceptable to be one of my official stalkers is quite low sadly you don’t make the cut. Sorry but I’m not into anyone who speaks in ebonics, or a “troll” for that matter. I do respect the amount of courage it took you to openly make a flirtatious pass on another man in a public forum so I do hope that offers some form of consolation prize. In the off chance you are a woman posing as a man, please stop. Not only is that very disturbing but I fear the next place for your name to show up would be the sex offender registry files.

Thank you and better luck next time

P.S. If you are indeed female and resemble something of Danica Patrick, Jessica Alba, or an equivalent please submit a portfolio of current photos and a signed and noterized copy of your latest mental healh examination. I can do a little crazy but lets be honest, there are limits to the point where risk outweighs reward.

Flag shakey 191 posts

??? Whats a panzie or at least your classifcation of a what a panzie is. Could not find it in Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Male user Chunkey Monkey 1 post

DEAR irish after reading some of the thing’s you put on here i find you to be a real panzie.

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

A very large disfunctional family with lots of odd cousins nobody knew they had.

Female user Hoping4thebest 4 posts

Thanks Mick.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

I am not even in the US but the way it works here is they draw up a panel of candidates. Those with the highest score get called for interview first and so on as they work their way down the list until they reach the quota they require for that intake. Then if you pass the interview you are called for the medical and phyical test pass thoses and you begin 12 weeks training in the academy including 2 weeks induction training in a Prison. Pass all the exams in the academy and after your 12 weeks you are assigned to a Prison.
Btw Good luck. If you make in you will be joining a very large family.

Female user Hoping4thebest 4 posts

Oh yeah its definitely different here. I dont know how different but acadamy here is like 3 months and you dont go to acadamy here until youve passed all the other exams… Well thanks for your help… Gonna be sitting patiently until I hear something

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

From what I’m hearing from the new officers coming in the process has changed. But in my day the hiring process started with the application then once called we had to report for entry testing. This included a timed 3/4 mile run, 50 pound box carry, bunk searches, written and video tests and finally an interview in that order. Anyone who failed a section was not permitted to move on to the next one. Then wait again to be called and offered a position at a facility, After all that We got 1 week of introduction training at the prison, then to the academy for 4 weeks, then two weeks of on the job training at the prison we were hired for.

Female user Hoping4thebest 4 posts

Thank you for your response. Can you tell me what the process is for your state so I can get an idea of what to expect on this journey?

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

I’m not in NY, but I’m sure the basic rules still apply. ALWAYS be honest in your interviews, both during the hiring process and in the job. If not and it comes to their attention it’s grounds for automatic disqualification from hiring or dismissal from the job. I’m not sure how your state does it’s hiring lists and such, that wold be better anwsered by either a recruiter for your dept or a veteran of the same.

Female user Hoping4thebest 4 posts

Hi everyone. So I’m new here. I made the tough decision to take the corrections officer exam in nyc on Friday, November 16, 2012. I passed with a 77.5(I wish I scored higher…) so now I’m just curious to know if I will get called at all since I scored so low and what is the average score that most people get on the corrections exam? I know that 70 is passing. I heard that if you score too low you might get bumped off the eligibility list. I hope that isnt true. When do you receive the eligibility list with your rank and how long does it take for them to start calling you to complete the other tests? Also how important is it for you to have your drivers license and if you dont have it, how much time do you have before you need to have it during the hiring process? I am currently suing someone in small claims court and I have a restraining order against someone. Will these things hurt me during my hiring process or should I just be open and honest about them during the investigation so I can be fine? Please break down the hiring process. Sorry for all the questions. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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