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Military Veterans to CO


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Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts

nilamamo, try this web board. You might find an answer there. I worked in the Regional Correctional Facility at Ft. Sill many years ago.


Female user nilamamo 2 posts

he was in the army ,he was stationed in alaska . last known

Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts

Do you have any idea what his last duty station was or what branch of service? The Army has regional correctional facilities at Ft. Sill OK, Ft. Lewis WA, Ft. Knox Kentucky. As for the Navy, Air Force and Marines I have no idea. There is Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas.

Female user nilamamo 2 posts

i have a question ? how do you locate a person in a military prison , who we hadnt seen in over 30 years , he went awall years ago and we hear he is in a military prison , dont know how long ago he went

Male user jmackey 1 post

i currently work in Wa state for a county jail. We love ex-military ( I’m retired). It’s a good carreer. The civil service tests are mostly common sense. Stress we are not here to punnish the inmates and we use progressive discipline. They will ask you about differant types of situations to see what your responses and thought pattern is like. If you want go to a library or book store and buy or borrow a corrections officer study guide, they are actually pretty good. Also apply at as many positions as you can, even before your out. Use each one as a learning process. Good luck

Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts

Being retired military, the Corrections environment is a good career to enter. I currently work in Washington State as well at the County level. We have a lot of former and retired military personnel working in the Jail. Apply to as many as you want to, it won’t look bad. I didn’t have to take an entrance exam, but had to go to the Corrections Academy. Being a Vet may give you a bit of an edge. I really didn’t pay much attention to that. Like SGT Davo said.. there are plenty of jobs available here in Washington.

Svt FordSVT 60 posts

I agree, a good friend of mine works with me and he was in the Canadian Military for 12 years. He performed two tours of Afganistan as well. He’s a very good CO.

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

We like veterans in corrections. They tend to fit in well. I’m a veteran as are many of my co-workers. If you don’t have any felonies you’ll probably be hired. Of course it depends where. Where I work there are currently about 50 C.O. openings but many Sheriff’s departments in the state don’t have any openings at all.

Male user Sgt_Davo 4 posts

In Washington state once you get perminate status (18 months about) you will get up to five years seniority when it comes to layoffs. I am retired mil, you will like the prison/correctional enviornment. Depending where you are located Corrections jobs are available. There is plenty of them in Washington State

Srt misc 266 Striker 34 posts

Being a veteren could go both ways..as for job selection, it would depend on the status of the state your in with the way the economey is going..with budget cuts new co’s are usually the first to get hit..and yes there is a lot of veterens working in prisons as well as a lot of veterens that are in prison..all of the things you asked are good questions..just look at the long term employment with the economy

Male user TS82177 1 post

I’ll be getting out of the army in a couple months and I been interested in corrections. I have 2 deployments, I’m infantry but I’ve had to guard POWs a couple times, not that it matters I guess.
How competitve is the job selection? Do you think being a Veteran would better my chances? I’m also planning on getting a cert in corrections at a local college. Also would it look bad if I was applying to about 3 county jails, and 2 prisons at the same time?
Do you guys have a lot of prior military working with you?
Last question…
What is the entrance exam/civil service test like? Is it basic knowledge, like reading, grammer, math… or is it “what would you do” type questions?

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